One Sip And You're
In Paradise!


Mai Tai

Rocks Brands focuses on creating only the finest drink mixers. It all started with our Signature Mai Tai mix. We blended the best quality juices to create that "ahh" taste...the one that lets you know that you are enjoying one of the world's best loved cocktails. 

Compare the ingredients in our drinks with the other "fruit" based cocktail mixes on the market. Some are made with real fruit "flavors", while others boast "real fruit", but contain only 5-10% fruit juice. 

Every cocktail mix is made with TLC from delicious fruit juices, natural flavors and pure cane sugar.

  • 88% Real Fruit Juice  
  • NO Artificial Sweeteners
  • NO High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • NO Artificial Flavors
  • Gluten Free
  • Lower in Calories & Sugar
  • And of course...Exceptional Taste!

Fun Facts

Here are a few fun facts about the Mai Tai from a highly entertaining and informative panel on "Who's Your Daddy? A Mai Tai Paternity Test," led by the tiki historian Jeff "Beachbum" Berry:

*The Zombie was the Cosmopolitan of its day. It was the drink that put tiki culture on the map. 

*In 1959 the Mai Tai knocked the Zombie off its pedestal.  Why 1959?  That's the year Hawaii became a state, and it's also the year the Boeing 747 went into service. Trips to this new exotic state took four hours instead of 12 and Hawaii became a tourist mecca almost overnight. All the tourists went to luaus and were served a fruity drink called the Mai Tai. Soon there were backyard Polynesian theme parties with "ham wrapped around pineapple and other mid-century hors d'oeuvres," as Berry said, plus Mai Tais.

*In the 60’s with the popularity of the tiki culture, every town had a tiki restaurant. New Orleans had a bar called the Outrigger Bar and Lounge at the Sheraton Charles Hotel, plus the Houki Lau in Metaire, in addition to the Bali Hai at Ponchartrain Beach. Tiki and Polynesian themes became a huge business. Some of the restaurants were massive.  They were expensive places to celebrate occasions.

*Many people claimed to have invented the Mai Tai. The chief contenders were Trader Vic Bergeron and New Orleans native *Don The Beachcomber," real name Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt. Don the Beachcomber started the whole tiki thing with a restaurant in southern California. "Everybody ripped off Don the Beachcomber's exotic drinks, including Bergeron" according to Jeff "Beachbum" Berry. 

*The difference, Berry said, is that Bergeron was a culinary genius in his own right and a very good businessman.  He went to Havana and watched the real bartenders there make cocktails, then came back and invented the Fog Cutter and the Scorpion, among many other drinks. He created a lighter, citrusy style of drinks, and in 1944 introduced the Mai Tai, which in Tahitian means "awesome."

70 years later the Mai Tai is still considered one of the world’s best cocktails! In a list of the top 100 drinks of all time, the Mai Tai ranks in the top 20 at #16. With the revival if the tiki culture in full-swing…we at Rocks Mai Tais expect to see the Mai Tai climb into the top 10. If we have anything to do with it we hope to see it at #1!