One Sip And You're
In Paradise!


By Shelby Z Currie   September 23rd, 2016

For our second installment of our end of summer dessert's we are bringing you something truly decadent...but still in the healthy, diet frame of mind!  

Diet Dessert: Mug Cake

Some of you may have heard of a “Mug Cake” before, but how exactly do you make it? Can you use a store-bought cake mix? We have all the answers. 

Maybe you’ve


By Shelby Z Currie   June 19th, 2016

This Father’s Day, we’ve created the “I Am Your Father” & Other Star Wars Themed Cocktails! 

What better way to show your husband or your good old dad that you’re thankful for them than to combine two things they love? Star Wars & Cocktails! We spent hours in our kitchen mixing up the three best recipes in all of the galaxy, for