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You've been looking for star wars cocktail recipes in aldaraan places...until now!

By Shelby Z Currie   June 19th, 2016

This Father’s Day, we’ve created the “I Am Your Father” & Other Star Wars Themed Cocktails! 

What better way to show your husband or your good old dad that you’re thankful for them than to combine two things they love? Star Wars & Cocktails! We spent hours in our kitchen mixing up the three best recipes in all of the galaxy, for you to try at home. We even created a lightsaber stir stick which is sure to wow both your father and the guests of any party! 

 #1 The “I Am Your Father” Cocktail 

This recipe is a Darth Vader inspired drink made with whiskey and our Mai Tai Mixer. My father and his father before him were whiskey drinkers. For that reason, I wanted to find a nice whiskey blend that I, too, could enjoy. This Star Wars Cocktail tastes a little like a whiskey sour, but with a unique flavor offered only by our Rocks Mai Tai Mix. And best of all, we tested this recipe out on all the dads we know, so it’s father-approved!

You can find a store which sells our mixers near you here, or buy them online here. 


#2 The Obi-Wine-Tini 

The Obi-Wine Tini is our Obi-Wan Kenobi themed drink, and because of that, we used blue food coloring to match the blue lightsaber stir stick. This recipe mimics other wine-tini recipes, and is very simple to create because it only uses wine and our mixer! Our Ultimate Mixer can sweeten up any dry wine you have lying around, and you can find it online here

For our Obi-Wine-Tini, we used a white wine, but you can use any wine you like! For a very sweet wine (like a Moscato), mix 3 parts moscato to 1 part of our mix. For a dryer wine, mix equal parts of Rocks mixer and wine. Let us know what combinations you enjoy! 


#3 Yoda Soda 

Our Yoda Soda recipe is a blend of our Rocks Margarita Mixer, Mountain Dew, and tequila. The Mountain Dew adds a nice, refreshing and sweet taste that complements the tequila flavor. This recipe also is easily altered with food coloring, and tastes absolutely delicious! Try any light-colored soda with this recipe if you aren’t a Mountain Dew fan. 

You can find our Margarita Mixers in store here, or online here

Lightsaber Garnish 

To really bring together the theme for our Rocks Father’s Day Cocktails, we created a stir stick which looks and glows like a lightsaber! We used glow sticks and items we already had laying around, and are very excited to share our tutorial for you to try at home! The tutorial will cover how we created our design for the handle in duct tape. If ours isn’t to your liking, you can create your own design for the handle. Be creative, and as always…Cocktail On! 


 • Glow sticks in desired colors (we used red, blue and green)

 • Poly Foam Caulk Saver (which you can find online or learn more about here)

 • A wooden skewer (or anything you could use to poke a hole in the foam)

 • Black duct tape • Wax paper

 • Scissors (Link: 


1. Wash all glow sticks, so they are safe to stir with!

2. Cut Foam Caulk Saver into about 2 inch long pieces (this will be the handle) 

3. Poke a hole with the wooden skewer in the center of the tube, going almost all of the way to the end. (but don’t poke through the other side)  

4. Take your duct tape and wrap the end of the glowstick (~2 inches) so that it won’t glow through the handle. 

5. Push the glow stick through the hole you made. Be aware that the glow stick may break and begin to glow when you do this, so if you’re making these the night before, wait to stick them in. (you may need to work the hole larger before you can stick it through)

6. Stick a piece of duct tape to the wax paper, leaving an edge as shown below to use for easy peel-off. 

7. With the duct tape on the wax paper, you can cut it into strips without getting stuck to the scissors. You will need the following for each lightsaber handle: 

• 3 very thin strips (~1 cm) 

• 1 thicker strip 

• Some extra thicker strips to cut squares out of (for the buttons) 

8. With your pieces cut, take the 1st thin strip and place it on the top of your handle, where it evenly distributes on either side. This should be reasonable straight, as you’ll be making a criss-cross pattern next. (Example shown in photo above.) 

9. Take your 2nd thin strip and lay it across similarly, but angled different so it crosses the other strip. Cut off any ends that are uneven to make them even. 

10. With the 3rd thin strip, make a final cross to create the stripes you see at the top of our handle. 

11. Then, take your thick strip and wrap it around the bottom of the handle. 

12. Cut squares out of your extra strips (and this may take a little trial and error) to make the button on the handle. 

You now have a glowing stir stick to use in your cocktails to make any drink Star Wars themed!

Try these three Star Wars cocktail recipes and show us how they turn out! We would love to feature your photos on our site! May the force be with you and, as always…Cocktail On!