One Sip And You're
In Paradise!


YUM!  With the end of summer in sight...we're bringing you a little bit of deliciousness!

By Shelby Z Currie   September 16th, 2016

Well, it's that time of year again.  Kids are back in school, temperatures are cooling off and it's time to chill! So what better time to bring you some delicious, low calorie desserts?  Over the next 4 weeks, we'll be bringing you a new, delicious dessert each week.   We're starting it all off this week with one of our favorites!

Diet Dessert: Banana Ice Cream 

The cure to those late-night ice cream cravings and saving your diet.

For dessert, our favorite Healthy Summer Snack is this delicious and creamy alternative to ice cream! For those of you who have a sweet tooth that screams at you in the evening like I do, this recipe will save your diet on a daily basis! My one true weakness has always been ice cream. The struggle is really between choosing to stick to a diet and fighting my late-night cravings. This Banana Ice Cream recipe saved my diet and my bikini body this summer. I was able to switch it up by combining different toppings, including fruits, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and much more! This recipe is incredibly simple: 

You’ll need:

 • Frozen Bananas

 • ¼ cup milk

 • Desired toppings (whipped cream, fruit, chocolate chips, etc.)

 • A blender 

 1. Freeze bananas ahead of time, cut into chunks to make it easier to blend.

2. Take about one frozen banana per serving you’ll want and puree in a blender with milk until creamy. 

3. Place banana puree in bowl & garnish with whipped cream/fruit/nuts/etc. 

Pro Tip: For a slightly higher calorie snack…add chocolate chips and you won’t be disappointed! …Yum! 

With all the calories you’re saving by choosing to eat this Banana Ice Cream instead of real ice cream, you can enjoy another of our low-calorie mixers to celebrate! 

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